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Find Your Inner Peace with Eternal Wisdom


Find Your Inner Peace with Eternal Wisdom

There are times when we feel empty, frustrated, lost somewhere in another world or just simply uninterested in everything. It is not necessary that this distraction or isolation should come from frustration of not having enough; enough love, enough care, enough attention or enough money. Opulence is not something that being with you, deprives you of turbulence or distress. Many times people do not even know why they are suffering from or going through an extensive line of impatience in spite of being fully affluent. It happens with a lot of people.

If you are one of the people belonging to the category of impatient, restless and lost, then you need assistance of a genuine peacemaker like Finding Source that leads you and your life to a peaceful path with the help of its Divine guidance. Nothing is permanent, neither unhappiness nor the distress. Problems come and go but it is important to learn and find your way through the whole discomfort. Positivity is all that everyone needs. It keeps us going. It keeps us alive and allows us to stand straight in-front of adverse circumstances instead of bowing down to worries and loss. Therefore, being positive is the first and foremost step of life to lead it further.

To lead a life which is stress-free and positive, it is essential to witness the Serene Appreciation which can only be felt and realized with the help of some important things that help to gain the tranquility in life.

First, it is more than important to analyze and correct things on the physical level. Our body relates to our mind; this is an undeniable truth. Therefore, it becomes necessary to nurture the body to water the soul. You can flourish the body by increasing your interaction with earth (getting in touch with earth whether by walking bare-foot for some time daily or by other means), exposing yourself to early morning sunlight (it prevents from Seasonal Affective Disorder and improves health), exercising regularly (helps to de-stress and improve oxygenation by releasing endorphins), having nutritious meals in timely intervals (takes care of the whole body), minimizing alcohol, prescription drugs, caffeine and sugar (helps to prevent from their long term consequences), avoiding disruptions in sleep (taking a proper required sleep and waking up with a positive mind helps to retain energy and freshness), DE cluttering the space around you (helps to remove past reminders and free your mind of everything that hits your vulnerable side) etc.

Second, making changes on emotional level helps your mind to rejuvenate and breathe, ultimately enhancing its thinking power and durability. On an emotional level, some highly important things include acknowledging hurtful emotions instead of associating yourself with them (makes you realize that emotions are transitory and will not last forever), resolving the emotions by understanding the underlying behavioral patterns (allows you to know what is the real reason behind all the bother), breathing (brings acknowledgment, peace and acceptance), connecting with nature (eases the pain in the most beautiful way) and realizing The power of love (helps you heal and grow).

At Finding Source, we help people in facing the difficulties and complications of life with all our knowledge base, realize the real happiness and find peace in themselves by making them encounter with Eternal wisdom and ultimate assistance.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

You are going to wake up profoundly. You originate from a state of profound haziness to that of otherworldly light. There are indications of profound arousing in you. When you are profoundly stirred you search for light to edify you as you proceed with your life. You need and need a well ordered manual for otherworldly edification. Here is the thing that I can offer you in the event that you are one of these people who are in the circumstance of profound arousing yet may not know how to approach getting otherworldly illumination.

Step 1. Contact the Spirit of Enlightenment. The initial step you should do is to contact the Spirit of edification. In the event that you need profound illumination you require him who can give you otherworldly edification, no other than the Spirit of edification. What’s more, it is not hard to get in touch with him since he is constantly accessible. It dislikes reaching a vital identity, similar to a country’s leader, who is excessively caught up with, making it impossible to take care of you. This Spirit is constantly accessible. It is you who may not be accessible. Truth be told he is continually sitting tight for you to get in touch with him.

How then do you get in touch with him? This is extremely easy to do, however it takes teach. Make yourself accessible to him by giving him an unmistakable time and a positive place in your life. Pick a period amid the day for him when you are slightest aggravated. In the event that you can’t pick at whatever time, then make that time. A few people have it best at a young hour in the morning or late around evening time, yet not late. When I started this practice the best time for me was from 6 to 6:30 at night. Thirty minutes of your time will do. Concerning the place, again pick a place where you are slightest bothered. It can be your room, your office room, a church close you, or whatever. Some develop a little room where there are an electric fan, light and seat and no other furniture. For my situation when I began I utilized a house of prayer. Individuals typically don’t irritate you when you are in a house of prayer. Simply stay there in that place amid the time when you make yourself accessible to the Spirit. That is step one.

Step 2. Permit him to speak with you. As you stay there simply permit the Spirit to speak with you. He speaks with you among numerous methods through three principle techniques. The main technique is by the internal word. As you stay there thoughts will comes to you. On the off chance that you have the expectation of being accessible to him, he is the one as of now imparting to you through these thoughts. Try not to believe that those thoughts still originate from your self through your cerebrum. They are as of now the thoughts of the Spirit. He is as of now imparting to you.

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